Friday, March 16, 2012

Jackie Collins: Mini-Reviews

Title: Poor Little Bitch Girl
Author: Jackie Collins
ISBN: 978-0312567453
Pages: 480

Mini-Review: Poor Little Bitch Girl centers around Bobby Stanislopoulos, Lucky Santangelo’s twenty-something son. He’s the co-owner of Mood, a Manhattan club. Bobby and M.J., his business partner and high school friend, decide to expand Mood and seek to open clubs in Miami and Vegas.

Bobby also went to school with Annabelle. Originally from LA, she now lives in New York City with her boyfriend Frankie. The pair run a high-price dating service. Money is rolling in and Annabelle is starting to make a name for herself. When her mother is found murdered, her father is arrested. Annabelle returns to L.A. to grieve and seeks answers to her mother’s death.

Denver is the attorney assigned to case. She also has a history with Bobby and Annabelle. Although she doubts either will remember her. As Denver throws herself into the case, a case which could advance her career, her friend, Carolyn has secrets of her own. Carolyn has been dating a married Senator and learns she is pregnant. Anticipating he will finally leave his wife, Carolyn tells him about their baby, but he is less than thrilled.

Poor Little Bitch Girl is Collins at her best. The story moves quickly and soon the characters are reunited. What comes next is sure to keep the reader turning pages.

Title: Goddess of Vengeance
Author: Jackie Collins
ISBN: 9780312567460
Pages: 528

Mini-Review: I first began reading about Gino and Lucky Santangelo in high school. My summer vacations were spent devouring Collins’s books. Goddess of Vengeance is just as good as the first books in the Lucky series.

In Goddess of Vengeance, we find Lucky and Lennie still married and crazy about each other. Lucky hasn’t slowed down and is still the successful business woman. She’s trying to find a balance between work and family as her daughter’s Max’s 18th birthday is fast approaching. Max has dropped several hints that she wants to move to New York City, however Lucky has her reservations. Lucky was wild and ambitious at Max’s age, however she wants a different, settled life for her daughter. Max is determined to get from underneath her mother’s watchful eye.

Armand is a successful business man and is not use to the word “no”. He views women as inferior, as they should be seen and not heard. He has his eyes set on The Keys and will do everything it takes to own it. When his offer is turned down, he’s infuriated. He arranges a meeting with the owner and is dumbfounded to learn it’s Lucky. Lucky is not threatened by Armand and refuses to meet his demands. Armand has decided to take matters into his own hands, as Lucky hasn’t given him a choice.

I suggest reading Poor Little Bitch Girl prior to Goddess of Vengeance. Characters from the former book appear in the latter. Collins continues their storyline and makes minimum reference to their back story. Goddess of Vengeance is the perfect companion for a day at the beach. I hope Collins continues to write more in the Lucky series.

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  1. I read Chances and Lucky when I was in high school too- mostly because of the mini-series that came out at that time, with the yummy Grant Show as the yummy Marco. I've kept up with the Santangelo clan since then, but I'm sad to say I haven't read these books yet. I'll get to them! ;)