Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Salon

I'm so happy it is Sunday! Last week was a really bad week for me. Unfortunately my reading also suffered. I finished The School of Essential Ingredients on Monday with plans to read at least 1-2 more books. However, as my week progressed and things started to get out of hand, my plans quickly changed.

I started several books (ones that I've been looking forward to) and read about a chapter or so in each and put them down again. I just wasn't in the mood for anything. Keeping my 144 books in 2010 goal in mind, I found myself at the library searching for more books from the Nancy Drew graphic novel series. I figured they were quick, light and would help me stay on track.

I wasn't sure if I was in the mood to read another Nancy Drew book or read something else so I found myself searching my Kindle for iPhone app. I have a few sample chapters of books I want to read saved. I started reading The Diva Runs Out of Thyme by Krista Davis. I soon became so engrossed with the sample, that without thinking I purchased the book.

Ok. I don't own a Kindle. I do want an e-reader. I've been obsessing over purchasing a Kindle for awhile now. When the Nook came out, I was glad I waited. It's so pretty and it's touch screen. I immediately went to Barnes and Noble to try one out. Needless to say, I wasn't impressed at all. So back to obsessing over the Kindle.

Wouldn't you know, as soon as I decided to purchase the Kindle, Apple announced the iPad! There's one thing you should know about me: I LOVE Apple products!! I am truly a Mac girl at heart. After watching the iPad keynote and the iPad quick tour on, I immediately found myself in a tight spot. As much as I loved the iPad, is it truly what I want? Yes, it's nice and pretty and has a lot to offer, but I really want an e-reader. So, once again I'm holding off purchasing an e-reader until the iPad is released and I can read product reviews. Also, I really want to see if Amazon is going to release Kindle 3 this year.

Anyway, back to the purchase of my book. As much as I enjoy reading sample chapters from books, I never thought I'd want to read an entire book on my iPhone. After I set the font size, the font color and how I want to read it (portrait vs landscape), I easily adjusted. Yes, the screen size is small and yes it's a bit odd to hold my phone while reading, but I did find myself slipping into the story quickly. (Which, I'm quite surprised about!) Although reading on my iPhone doesn't take the place of reading an actual book, it has helped me get out of my reading rut. So that says something.

What about you, do you read books on your cell phone? Are you like me, debating which e-reader to buy? I'm curious to know what people think about this.

Happy Sunday everyone!


  1. I have every techno gadget around...Kindle...iPhone...three (yes, three!) laptops including a mini-laptop...and I still am thinking about an iPad. Eek!

  2. I don't read books on my cell phone, but I do read them on my PDA. And, yes, I am like you debating on what eReader I want to buy...LOL. I have switched between the Kindle and Nook and Sony. I think I have ruled out the Sony...not sure about the Nook.

    I really need to investigate the iPad too.

    Hopefully we will be able to decide soon...LOL.