Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Girl Who Wasn't There - Stefan Petrucha

Nancy Drew needs help with her computer. During a call to customer service, she meets Kalpana, the CS representative. Long after Nancy's computer is fixed, she remains in contact with Kalpana, who resides in India. One night Nancy receives a distressing call from Kalpana who believes someone is in her house to kidnap her.

It just so happens Nancy's father has a scheduled business trip in India and purchases additional plane tickets for Nancy and her friends Bess and George. Shortly after arriving in India, Nancy stumbles across clues to the case and finds herself on the trail of the kidnappers. Can she rescue Kalpana in time before she becomes the kidnappers' next victim?

Book details:

Artist: Sho Murase
Series: Nancy Drew Graphic Novel #4
ISBN-10: 1-59707-012-2
Pages: 84
Year Published: 2005
Genre: Graphic Novels (Children's)
Format: Hardback
Source: Library


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