Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday Salon

It's the Sunday before Thanksgiving. . . seriously what happened to 2009? It has been a blur! I'm getting excited to travel for the holiday. I really need a break and getting away for a few days will be beneficial to my well-being.

As 2009 winds down, I'm starting to plan for 2010. I've started to center my thoughts around the theme "getting back to me". It seems somewhere this year, I lost me by over-committing myself, daily hassles, unnecessary stress and things that were simply out of my control. In order to get things back on track, I put myself last and wondered why I still felt overwhelmed, tired and basically out-of-whack.

In 2010, I really want to pursue those hobbies I put aside because I ran out of time, plans I buried because I was too tired to think about them and the "someday" projects that I would like to start, but just haven't. Along these lines, I'm brainstorming ideas on what I want to do differently for my blog next year. My reading has slowed in the last three months or so and I'm thinking of what I can do to get it back to where it was.

This time of year is when new challenges for the upcoming year are revealed. I'm not sure how many challenges I will sign-up for next year. I will more than likely join my favorites (100+, New Authors, Support Your Library, YA, etc), however I really want to focus on reading books from my shelves in 2010. So the challenges I do sign up for, will have to be compatible with what I currently own. I will admit there are several new challenges (well, new to me) that look very interesting, that I'm definitely considering despite having limited books on my shelves. (These challenges just look so fun and "different" to pass up. We'll see though.)

What about you? Are you starting to think about 2010 and what it will mean to you?

Happy Sunday everyone! For those of you traveling this holiday season, may you have a safe journey to your destination!


  1. Those are a lot of great ideas. I'm noticing that a lot of bloggers are starting to plan next year to make it better. Good luck with your plans.

  2. I love the idea of reading from my shelves, but -- alas -- I always get distracted by the new books coming out.

    I will be entering lots of challenges, too.

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