Monday, August 24, 2009

Musing Mondays

Today’s MUSING MONDAYS post is about book series. . .

Do you prefer to read stand-alone books, or books in series? Do you stick with a series the whole way through or stop after the first instalment? Are there any particular series you enjoy?(question courtesy of Elena)

I like and read both. What I like best about series are the character development and the continuing story lines. Sometimes when reading, I end up liking a character so much, I want to know what he/she is up to next.

I prefer reading a series in order and make notes about the series and book order in my TBR list. I've at times read a series out of order, not knowing the book belong to a series. When this happens, I try to go back and read the previous novels.

My favorite series is Alex Cross. My cousin recommended Kiss the Girls and I read it in two days. Fast forward to a few weeks later while discussing James Patterson (then a new-to-me-author) with a friend, I learned Kiss the Girls was book two and Along Came a Spider was first in the series. I went back and read it and have since read each Alex Cross book upon its release.

Here are some of the series I'm currently reading:
  • Stephanie Plum by Janet Evanovich (although I don't think the newer releases are as funny as the older books)
  • Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard (YA series)
  • Private and Privilege by Kate Brian (YA series)
  • Cedar Cove by Debbie Macomber
  • The Women's Murder Club by James Patterson
  • Flower Shop Mysteries by Kate Collins
Series I'm interesting in starting:
  • Gourmet Girl by Jessica Conant Park
  • Do-It-Yourself by Jennie Bentley
  • The Domestic Diva by Krista Davis


  1. I just like books, books and MORE BOOKS! I don't care if they're part of a series or not. Here's my full response.

  2. I prefer stand-alones, thought I don't shun away from series either. I suppose there's a balance between these two. The only thing that bugs me is reading the book that's part of a series, and that means I've to get the rest of the books and start reading it from the beginning! :P

  3. We read some of the same series.

  4. That's a cool list of series there.

    Did you know that James Patterson only writes Alex Cross books these days? All the other books by "James Patterson" are ones that he's come up with the idea for, and then another writer's gone and done the work :P how funny's that?