Saturday, March 14, 2009

Evil in Carnations by Kate Collins

Title: Evil in Carnations
Author: Kate Collins
Series: A Flower Shop Mystery #8
ISBN-13: 9780451226235
Pages: 313
Year Published: 2009
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Date Finished: March 7

From the back cover: What do you do when your best friend and roommate can't relate to your relationship bliss? I tried to help her get back her mojo. . .but I didn't know her first date would turn out to have cold feet—literally.

The dating scene can be a killer. Determined to hep her roommate, Nikki, out of her singles slump, Abby Knight encourages her to give speed dating a try. Of course Nikki wants the guy at the very bottom of Abby's list, Jonas Treat—aka Treat the Cheat—and figures one date with him can't hurt. Her lack of good judgment catches up with her when Jonas is found dead—and evidence points to Nikki as his killer.

To clear Nikki's name, Abby enlists the help of her hunky ex-Army Ranger boyfriend, Marco. But just when Nikki's situation looks dire and Abby needs Marco most, his rambunctious extended family descends, turning Abby's hectic life into a disaster zone. Abby's patience is seriously wilting, but with a killer on the loose, she can't throw in the trowel. She's determined to dig herself out of this mess—before someone buries her instead.

First sentence: "Isn't there a law that says public hallways have to be lighted?" Marco complained.

My review: Abby Knight is back for the eighth book of the series. Abby and Marco are trying to mend their relationship and decide to sneak to Key West for a weekend getaway. Abby empathizes with Nikki, her roommate, because her boyfriend just ended their relationship. To help heal Nikki's broken heart, Abby decides to attend a speed dating event with Nikki. Much to Abby's chagrin, Nikki chooses the one guy that Abby did not like. Breaking the "no contact" rule, Nikki exchanges phone numbers with Jonas Treat and agrees to go out with him, all the while keeping this a secret from Abby.

When Abby returns from her weekend with Marco, Nikki gets arrested for homicide. Abby agrees to help Nikki, however Nikki repeatedly sabotages the case by not being forthcoming with Abby. Soon Abby begins to doubt Nikki's innocence and questions how well does she really know her best friend.

While trying to figure out who killed Jonas, Abby is also trying to keep her weekend getaway a secret from her family, especially her mother. If her family knew about Key West, they would assume she and Marco were getting serious. . .which meant marriage. Abby is aware of her feelings for Marco, however she's not sure if she's ready for marriage.

Although the killer is easy to spot, this book is a great addition to the series. While it centers around solving the murder, the reader learns more about Abby's relationship with Marco. One can't help but to wonder what the future holds for them.


  1. I have the first one in the series. I expect I'll end up a fan!

  2. I want to start this series. Thanks for the review!

  3. I've read and enjoyed a few of the books in this series, but I seem to gone off of cozies a bit. I still have at least one that I bought to read and then another couple of books in the series until I am caught up.