Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday Salon

The Sunday


The last two weeks, I've spent reading a new series: Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard. It's a young adult mystery series focused on four former best friends receiving threatening messages. Each believes the text messages are from their friend Ali, who went missing during the summer three years ago, but when Ali's body is discovered, they have no idea who is behind this.

I have to admit, I was hooked on this series from the start and glad I was able to read it back-to-back. I can't wait for book 6, Killer, to be released in June. I read the author is planning 8 books total for this series and there are rumors that ABC may turn it into a TV series. Here are the books in order:
  1. Pretty Little Liars [review]
  2. Flawless [review]
  3. Perfect [review]
  4. Unbelievable [review]
  5. Wicked [review]
Earlier this afternoon, I finished listening to Shopaholic and Baby. I'm so glad to finally cross this one off my TBR list. It has been on my list for awhile and is that one book that I've been meaning to read, but just haven't yet. My review will be posted later this week.

January just may be the month for reading series. I listened to Princess Mia earlier in the month, started the Pretty Little Liars series, finished the Shopaholic series and the next two books I plan to read are from the Alison Bergeron series (Murder 101 Mystery): Extracurricular Activities and Quick Study. I don't usually read series back-to-back and wonder why I don't. (Last month I read several books from A Flower Shop Mystery series only due to reaching the maximum renewal limit at my library.) I have no problem spending a weekend catching up on an entire season of a TV show on DVD, so what makes reading a series back-to-back any different? Honestly, I can't see any differences. Just something for me to keep in mind, I guess. Having said that, I do want to start reading Michael Connelly's Harry Bosch series soon, as it has been repeatedly recommended to me. Actually there are numerous series I just discovered while browsing at Borders and the library that I've noted and added to my TBR list. And not to mention, there are a few that I would like to finish reading this year as well.

What about you? Do you enjoy reading series? If so, are you always looking for a new series to start?

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  1. I love to read series and have so many of them started that I created a blog so that I could keep track of them - LOL.

    I love the Harry Bosch series and need to get back to reading them. I am also going to look into the other ones that you mentioned too.