Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sweet Love

Julie Mueller is a single working mom trying her best to juggle raising her teenage daughter and her career. She's also trying to be an adult woman with her mother, who sometimes treats her like a five year old girl. Her mom, Betty, means well though. She has the usual concerns most others have regarding their single daughters: please marry a nice man and allow him to take care of you and your daughter so I don't have to worry that you will be alone for the rest of your life!

As Betty starts to face her own mortality, she realizes she has one regret regarding her daughter: she sabotaged her crush with Michael, who was good friends with Julie's older brother. Trying to correct this mistake, she surprises Julie with cooking classes for her Mother's Day present. Problem is, Betty loves to cook, while Julie, well... does not. Julie doesn't want to hurt her mother's feelings so she agrees to go to at least one class, while thinking of excuses to get out of the remaining classes.

To Julie's surprise, her first true love, Michael is also in the class. Funny how old feelings can rapidly come back and fill you in the present. Both Michael and Julie will realize the intensity of their feelings.

I absolutely loved this book! Julie's relationship with her mother was honest and real. What Julie considered to be nagging, Betty thought she was just being concerned for her well-being. The book not only focused on Julie's relationship with her mom, but relationships in general. I especially liked the relationship between Julie and her daughter. Highly recommended. (4.5/5)

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