Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday Salon

The Sunday

Last week I wrote about my goal of reading 100 pages each day. Well, this week I quickly realized how unrealistic this goal is for me. I came up with this idea Labor Day weekend, completely forgetting that it was a LONG weekend and I had the time to sit on my couch and read. This week, reality hit me hard and my goal was kicked to the curb. So, I've readjusted my goal to reading at least 50 pages a day. This should be easy to do as I usually read while I'm eating lunch and I try to read a few pages before going to bed. Why does life (and work) always get in the way?? If only my parents didn't raise me to be so responsible...

My reading this week wasn't very impressive. I barely read during the week and managed to finish Sweet Love yesterday my review is here). This morning I started Jack with a Twist by Brenda Janowitz, the follow-up to Scot on the Rocks. I read for about an hour before I got pulled away on another task. Hopefully, I can read later tonight. Although I do want to watch Fringe. I've heard great things about this show and missed its premiere earlier this week. Did anyone watch the premiere? If so, thoughts?

Until next week...


  1. Why does life (and work) always get in the way??

    This is exactly how I felt this week, re: reading. Thankfully, it looks like things should be calming down now so I can get some real reading done next week. I hope you find yourself with more time to devote to your books, too!

  2. It's that old Victorian work ethic. There are times when it really gets in the way of living, don't I know it!.

  3. I find that I do most of my reading on the weekends. I do read during the week, sometimes not as often as I would like. I try to read 1-2 books each week, so I find that I need to make up missed reading during the weekends.

    I too have other obligations on the weekends, however I don't like doing all my chores and errands on Saturday. I'm still working on finding a balance. The weekends go by so quickly that often I feel as though I never had a break.