Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday Salon - September in review

It has been awhile since my last Sunday Salon post. September was just a busy month for me. The month flew by and honestly, I am puzzled with how little I managed to accomplish. I guess I took on too many tasks, tried to do all of them, with poor results. Oh well... this is why it's nice to begin again.

My reading in September was not at all up to my usual standard. I managed to read 6 books (one was an audio book). Here's my September in review:

  1. Heart on My Sleeve by Ellen Wittlinger (3.5/5)
  2. Scot on the Rocks by Brenda Janowitz (4/5)
  3. Murder 101 by Maggie Barbieri (4.5/5)
  4. Sweet Love by Sarah Strohmeyer (4.5/5)
  5. Jack with a Twist by Brenda Janowitz (4/5)
  6. Summer Blowout by Claire Cook (2/5)
New authors read: 3
Total pages read: 1,698
Total books read in 2008: 88

This afternoon I finished Mum's the Word by Kate Collins (review is forthcoming). Now I have a decision to make: what to read next. Here are my choices:
  • Sarah Dessen: This Lullaby, Just Listen, or The Truth About Forever
  • Maggie Barbieri: Extracurricular Activities
  • Kerry Reichs: The Best Day of Someone Else's Life
  • Megan Crane: Frenemies
  • Kate Collins: Slay it with Flowers
Decisions, decisions... Actually, I am thinking about reading one of Sarah Dessen's books. I've read raving reviews about all her books and I usually find myself browsing the Young Adult section at Border's just so I can decide which book to read first.

Hopefully October will pick back up for me. I'm still on track of reaching my goal of reading 100 books in 2008. I do, however, need to work on reading books from my TBR list that I own. This will continue to be a challenge for me: I love buying books and I love checking books out from the library. Hmm... may be the solution is to make this a perpetual goal. Well, I will continue to check out books and buy books, so there will always be a book that will need to be read, right? Makes sense to me (I just like rationalizing my thinking). Better yet, may be I shouldn't be so hard on myself with reading the books that I own. Instead I can thankful that I always have a book to read.

Enjoy your Sunday.


  1. I'm planning on reading Scot on the Rocks/Jack with a Twist soon.

    I also LOVE Sarah Dessen, and definitely recommend one of hers for your next read. I read The Best Day of Someone Else's Life by Kerry Reichs and just wasn't that impressed.

  2. Why do the books in the TBR get less appealing the longer they sit there? Is it that their titles lose their attraction, or perhaps since getting the book you've heard something detrimental about it, or are we just greedy, like a child at a smorgasbord?
    I'm aiming at about 120 books this year and have just got to 81, so I'm running a bit behind. Got a bit of long air travel coming up, so hopefully that will help.

  3. Thanks for stopping by - I wasn't sure anyone would actually read my first Salon post. =) I think I ended up reading more in September than I thought - somehow it seemed like I had no time, but I guess it ended up okay.