Friday, July 25, 2008


Eclipse is the 3rd book in the Twilight series. Overall, I enjoyed this book, however I thought it was much slower than the previous two. Bella is weeks away from her high school graduation and is deciding about her immortality. Edward agrees that he will change her into a vampire, but there's a catch. Bella isn't thrilled when she learns what the condition is.

Jacob confesses his love for Bella and wants her to consider dating him instead of Edward. Jacob also informs Bella that she's in love with him too, which Bella quickly denies. Bella reminds him of her undying love for Edward and discloses her wish to become a vampire so she and Edward can be together forever.

While this love triangle is playing out, there are numerous killings in Seattle. The Cullens quickly realize it's a group of newborn vampires and find themselves teaming up with the werewolves to fight this new group. Combined with Victoria and the Volturi, this battle may be more dangerous than anyone thinks.

I'm still on the fence about Team Jacob or Team Edward, although I found myself leaning towards Jacob. Actually, I think Jacob is fortunate that he's not with Bella. I just don't like her. And, there's something "off" with her relationship with Edward (excluding the fact he is a vampire). They're too enmeshed. Anyway, having said that, I'm still looking forward to reading Breaking Dawn. Will Bella become a vampire? Will she give Edward what he wants? Will Jacob accept that Bella has chosen Edward? Stay tuned... (4/5)


  1. Interesting review. I actually liked Eclipse better than New Moon. While I like Jacob, I don't think Bella ends with him because he doesn't seem to have that weird werewolf connection thing with her. (Can't remember what it is called) I think that girl will who up in the fourth book.

  2. I agree with your feelings about Bella. I wouldn't say that I don't like her, but I got so frustrated with her that I didn't finish Eclipse. I couldn't figure out why so many guys were falling all over themselves for her.