Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cover Attraction

Each Wednesday, Marcia from The Printed Page, hosts Cover Attraction. She writes:
"I’m a very visual person and love beautiful cover art. It doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll read the book but at least I might stop and take a peek instead of walking right on by. "
I am a visual person as well and have often read books simply because I liked the cover. My cover attraction for this week:

Title: Baggage Claim
Author: Tanya Michna
From the back cover: Now that her daughter is happily married, Beth Overton, is ready to take charge of her life. She starts by impulsively following her husband on a business trip. But her intention of putting some zing back into their lackluster marriage fizzles when she stumbles upon a secret Allen has been keeping for years. Since he's fallen down on his part of their marriage bargain, Beth is forced to rethink hers. But first she’s got to retrieve the luggage she’s accidentally switched with someone else.

Carly Frazer keeps telling herself she’s got her life completely under control…until it falls completely apart. The career than means everything to her begins to crumble. Her mother, recently widowed, moves in with Carly to receive the extra care she needs. Suddenly Carly's just anohter divorce, undistinguished professor who's under pressure to publish or perish and has troubles at home. What's more, while headed to a conference, she mistakes another woman's suitcase for her own.

When Beth and Carly meet in a hotel bar to switch bags, they are two very different women, in very disimilar situations, who never guess that a twist of fate and their unlikely friendship are about to take their lives in surprising new directions.

When I first saw this book at Borders, I was immediately drawn to it. Just makes me want to pack a bag and spend some quiet time alone (sigh).


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