Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Review: Cruel Love

Cruel Love by Kate Brian
Privilege Series,  Book 6

I’ll admit it. I’ve been anxiously waiting for the release of Cruel Love since I finished reading Pure Sin last year. The ending left me wanting to know what would happen next for Adriana and the world she so obsessively constructed.

At the onset of reading Cruel Love, I thought there was only one direction Brian could go to end the Privilege series. So, even though I had decided on how the series would end, I began reading and found myself completely enthralled in the storyline. About two and a half hours later, I found myself disappointed to say good bye to one of my favorite bad girls and the Privilege series.

I’ve said this before, Adriana is definitely a character that readers should dislike, but Brian wrote her in such a way that you cannot help but to feel sorry for her. She’s desperate and, quite honestly, on the verge of being pitiful. Her obsessive behavior is wrapped around her need to control which causes her to eliminate anything – and anyone – that stands in her way of getting everything she feels she’s entitled to have.

In Cruel Love, Adriana’s desperation finally leads to her down fall. Seeing two individuals from her past that could ruin her perfect world unravels her. Consumed with the threat of them, she cannot think of nothing else but their demise. I really don’t want to say too much about the plot as a way to avoid spoiling the series ending for anyone. I will say I wanted Brian to go in more detail about Palmer, Soomie, Maria, Jasper and the rest of their friends. Their storyline felt a bit unfinished. Maybe Brian will bring these characters back in a future book. Here’s hoping!

Book Details:
ISBN: 9781442407883  June 7, 2011  224pgs  YA Fiction (Series)
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