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Abby Cooper: Psychic Eye - Victoria Laurie

Abby Cooper: Psychic Eye by Victoria Laurie
Book One, Psychic Eye Mystery

Abby Cooper is not the typical girl next door. As hard as she tried to be "normal" and fit in, the cards (no pun intended!) weren't lined up for her. You see, Abby is a psychic intuitive. She is able to tell the future. Abby makes a pretty good living doing this as evident by her full calendar.

On the day she gets a cancellation, Allison Pierce shows up to her office and asks Abby to see her. During her reading, Abby warns Allison about a man with dark hair. He has something to do with a loss she recently suffered and may be the reason a woman close to Allison has left. Days later Allison calls Abby again to schedule another appointment, however Abby quickly dismisses her stating it is her policy to only meet with clients once every six months. Abby abruptly disconnects the call, but cannot shake the weird feeling she has surrounding Allison.

When Allison is found brutally murdered in her home, Abby feels somewhat responsible. If only she took the time to listen to Allison and answer her questions, then maybe Allison would still be alive. Abby becomes involved with the investigation to find Allison's killer and is marked as the killer's next victim.

I've been wanting to read Laurie's Psychic Eye Mystery series for awhile now. I'm just sorry I didn't start it sooner. Abby is a likeable main character and is a competent amateur sleuth. She doesn't become overly involved with solving the mystery and doesn't appear to know it all. The tension between Dutch, the detective on the case, and Abby is perfect and doesn't overpower the mystery. It did, however, leave me wondering what's in store for these two in future books.

Abby Cooper, Psychic Eye is a great start to this long-lasting series (book nine was released in July). I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the series. Recommended.

Pub. Date: December 7, 2004
Publisher: Signet
ISBN: 9780451213631
Pages: 304
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Source: Personal Copy


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