Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Secret Lives of Husbands and Wives - Josie Brown

Book synopsis:

Lyssa Harper should have warned divorced DILF du jour Harry Wilder before she invited him to meet the mommies of the Paradise Heights Women's League Board. At least he brought cupcakes. Since taking the former Master-of-the-Universe turned stay-at-home single dad under her wing, Lyssa has been his domestic Sherpa, teaching him the ins and outs of life inside their gated community. She never dreamed her friends would bombard him with casseroles, leopard-print bikini briefs, and offers to rearrange his kitchen cabinets.

But Harry's presence soon stirs up trouble in paradise: if Harry and his wife, the neighborhood’s "perfect couple," can call it quits, what does that mean for other so-called happy couples, like Lyssa and her husband, Ted? When Harry sets boundaries with his new fan club, he is exiled from the ladies' clique. But Lyssa refuses to snub him. What she never expects is the explosive impact her ongoing friendship with Harry will have on her close-knit pals—and on her marriage.

My review:

Secret Lives of Husbands and Wives introduces the reader to the wealthy stay-at-home mothers. Or as I referred to them as the "mean mommies". Meet Lyssa, our protagonist. Immediately I liked her. Yes, at times she came across as a bit naive, however I didn't find it to be irritating or a distraction from the story. Next are Lyssa's friends: Brooke, Tammy, Margot and Colleen. Each woman appears to have the perfect life at first glance, but when the reader gets to know them, it's easy to see the flaws each works hard to keep hidden.

Lyssa and Harry first meet by accident at the neighborhood park. After several minutes of small talk, Harry breaks down and confides in Lyssa about the breakup of his marriage. From that moment on, Harry and Lyssa become friends. Thinking it's in Harry's best interest, Lyssa decides to introduce him to her friends. Little does she know, this introduction is the catalyst that will bring her to where she is supposed to be.

Reading Secret Lives of Husbands and Wives was like watching a television drama. Lots of gossip, back-stabbing, extramarital affairs and pettiness. As much as I liked Lyssa, I did not care for her so-called "friends". With friends like these, who needs enemies? At times, I found myself shaking my head and wondering why these women are taking things so seriously and going to the extreme to getting what they thought they deserved. Watching Lyssa's relationship with Harry continue to grow, despite the "mean mommies", made up for their cattiness.

Secret Lives of Husbands and Wives, was humorous at times and certainly entertaining. It's a good escape from your everyday hassles as you find yourself engrossed in other people's lives. When the book is over, and you say goodbye to your new friends, you'll realize your life isn't as bad as you think.

Book details:

ISBN-13: 978-1-4391-7317-6
Pages: 331
Year Published: 2010
Genre: Fiction
Format: Trade Paperback
Source: Publisher

The book was sent to me from the publisher for the author's blog tour. It has not influenced my review in any way.


  1. Sounds like a good book. I can just imagine myself hating the catty characters though :P.
    Nice review :)

  2. This sounds like a fun summer read Shon; great review