Monday, May 31, 2010

Just Like Me, Only Better - Carol Snow

Veronica Czaplicki is a single, divorced mom to Ben. By day, she's a substitute teacher at her son's school, hoping to find a permanent position there. By night, well... her life is pretty empty in that area until she meets Jay, Haley Rush's manager.

Veronica knows she looks like celebrity Haley Rush as she's mistaken for the star quite often. When Haley's manager, Jay, offers her a position to be Haley's stand-in (at $100 per hour!), how could she refuse? Veronica agrees to sign a confidentiality contract and just like that, she's part of Haley's life.

Everything starts off pretty well for Veronica. Going to Starbucks posing as Haley, eating Pinkberry yogurt, pretending to talk on her cell. As more demands are placed on her, Veronica finds it necessary to avoid friends in order to keep up this charade. When Veronica is asked to stand-in for Haley on a "date" with former boyfriend Brady Ellis, Veronica soon realizes the consequences for her decision.

Just Like Me, Only Better is a light, chick-lit read. Veronica is a very likable character. It's easy for the reader to understand why she decided to accept this position. As Veronica gets more and more enmeshed with Haley's life, her judgment tends to be a bit clouded, especially with Brady. Although the outcome of their relationship is predictable, Veronica is able to bounce back and find herself on a path to her happy ending.

Going on a summer vacation? Remember to pack Just Like Me, Only Better. It's a good beach read for those lazy afternoons.

Book details:
ISBN-13: 978-0-425-23248-4
Pages: 303
Year Published: 2010
Genre: Chick Lit
Format: Trade Paperback
Source: Library


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