Monday, June 1, 2009

Musing Mondays

Today’s MUSING MONDAYS post is about sticking with it…

How much time (or how many pages) do you give a book that you aren't really enjoying before you'll set it aside? If you're reading it for a book group discussion, or for review, will you give it more of a chance then, say, a book you're reading for your own interest? Why, or why not? (courtesy of MizB)

At one time I felt obligated to finish every book I read. Now that my TBR List is longer than it was a few years ago, I've given myself the permission to stop reading after page 100. I usually will continue reading after 100 pages, anticipating the story will get better. There's only a handful of books I have stopped reading halfway through never to finish them.

I do have to admit that I am a mood reader. I have started a book only to realize I am not in the mood to read it and will put it down. It has nothing to do with the book. It's just me. I then will pick it up again one or two books later.

If I'm reading for a book club or review, I will finish the book. I do not feel comfortable discussing (or writing a review) for a book that I did not finish.

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  1. If I agreed to review a book, I will finish it! Other books I have a 50 page ruel.