Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cover Attraction

Each Wednesday, Marcia from The Printed Page, hosts Cover Attraction. She writes:
"I’m a very visual person and love beautiful cover art. It doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll read the book but at least I might stop and take a peek instead of walking right on by. "
I am a visual person as well and have often read books simply because I liked the cover. My cover attraction for this week:

Title: City Dog
Author: Alison Pace
From the back cover: After her divorce, Amy Dodge thought she’d finally write the next Great American Novel. Instead she’s now the author of a bestselling children’s book series, Run, Carlie, Run!, starring her adorable and spirited West Highland White terrier, Carlie, and a dashing (but fictional) Scottish explorer, Robert Maguire. When Carlie is offered the starring role in her own television show about activities for urban canine, and Robert Maguire begins to take on a life of his own, Amy’s world takes a turn toward the surreal.

As Amy finds herself getting cropped out of Carlie's many photo opportunities and unable to get the image of Robert Maguire out of her head, the city she once loved begins to lose its appeal. But just when Amy starts to think it’s a dog’s life after all, she figures out a way to make everything change. And while life in New York is not always a walk in the park, it might just take Amy and Carlie exactly where they need to be. . .

I've been seeing this cover for awhile now. (Isn't the dog cute???) I love NYC and I love dogs. I finally decided I needed to purchase it. I think this will make a good, relaxing summer read, don't you think?


  1. This cover reminds me of Oliver and Company! Have you ever seen that movie? :)

    Cute cover!

  2. I love this cover! I grew up with West Highland White Terriers (or Westies) as pets!