Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday Salon

The Sunday

It has been a non-stressful, relaxing day for me. I remembered to change my clocks before bed last night and woke up feeling quite tired as I got ready for church. As much as I love having more daylight hours, the first week of changing the clocks makes me feel so tired.

Anyway, after I church I went to Barnes and Noble to buy Jodi Picoult's Handle with Care. This past week I avoided reading any reviews about this book. I didn't want to accidentally read any spoilers. I'm going to her book signing tomorrow which I'm really looking forward to. I've been waiting for this book to be released since I attended her signing for Change of Heart last year.

Of course, I wanted to come home and immediately start reading it to prepare for tomorrow night, however I didn't. I have a library book that I've been meaning to read, but I just kept moving it to the bottom of my list. I decided to spend the day reading, with the intention of finishing it so I could start Handle with Care later this evening.

Having said that, I had a good reading week this week. I manged to finish three books. It's been awhile since I read three books in a week, so I'm pretty pleased with myself. Of course, I still have the reviews to write, but let's not focus on that right now.

My first book was Move On, Move Up: Turn Yesterday's Trials into Today's Triumphs by Paula White. I highly recommend this book especially if you're feeling stuck in an area of your life and you just cannot seem to take a step to move forward. It's heavily based with Biblical scripture and it helps you to discover the purpose behind the trial which allows you to take the first step to move on.

Next was Evil in Carnations by Kate Collins, the 8th book in A Flower Shop Mystery Series. Another great addition to this series. I know I've said this before, but this series just gets better and better with each book. Unfortunately the 9th book won't be released until February 2010.

Finally, I finished Questions to Ask Before Marrying by Melissa Senate today. When I stumbled on this book on, I instantly added it my TBR list. Having read and enjoyed the author's previous novels, I wanted to read this as well. While browsing at the library I came across this book and checked it out. Unfortunately when I got home, the excitement I had to read it kind of fizzled as I looked at the pile of books on my night stand that I had yet to read. (Why does that happen?)

Hopefully I can write the reviews this week. So, that's it for me. How are you spending your Sunday afternoon?


  1. I do that all the time with books that I check out from the library. Usually they go back to the library unread but still on my TBR list so that one day I can go back and read them when I'm in the mood :)

  2. I am way behind on the Kate Collins series. I don't know why. I have really enjoyed the ones I have read!

  3. I do my best not to return books to the library unread, but I have way too many books to read! I probably would have just read the Picoult book without bothering with the library book!