Saturday, September 6, 2008

Scot on the Rocks

Question: Your ex-boyfriend calls you (the two of you are still friends) to tell you he's engaged and wants you to attend the wedding. Do you...

(a) Tell him how excited you are for him and say you will attend (you are genuinely happy for him).

(b) Hang up on him and have a tantrum screaming repeatedly: "how can he get engaged before me?"

(c) Tell him congrats, but unfortunately you have another thing to attend on that day.

(d) Say to him, "What a coincidence! I'm engaged too!"

Manhattan attorney Brooke Miller chooses (d) which sets into motion a hilarious chain of events that will lead her to where she really wants to be. The story begins with Brooke living with her boyfriend, Douglas, who is Scottish. Brooke thinks she has it all: a great NYC apartment, a loving and committed boyfriend, a great career at one of Manhattan's prestigious law firms, and two best friends, Jack and Vanessa. Just when things can't get any better, Douglas tells Brooke it's over and kicks her out of their (well, technically it's his) apartment. Soon, she discovers he has been cheating on her and plans to marry the other woman.

When things can't get any worse, Trip, Brooke's former boyfriend from law school, calls to tell her he's engaged. Without thinking, she tells him she's engaged too and quickly concocts a plan to win Douglas back. Unfortunately, Brooke can make her plans, but can't plan her results as Douglas doesn't want to have anything to do with her. Together with Jack and Vanessa, they formulate a plan so Brooke can attend Trip's wedding with her fiance, "Douglas". Through her scheming, Brooke really learns what she has been chasing after has always been right in front of her. (4/5)


  1. This book sounds cute - I'll have to check it out!

  2. I was going to say option d, too, because that would make for a fun story. Maybe I'll read this one.