Sunday, July 6, 2008


I first discovered Stephenie Meyer while at Barnes and Noble. I had an appointment, which I arrived early for, and wanted to pass the time browsing in the store. As I was leaving, I noticed a huge display for The Host. It was soon to be released and the display also showcased her other books. Twilight was in the center of the table and the cover caught my eye. I didn't have time to pick it up as it was time for my appointment.

About a week later, I was in Border's and saw another display for The Host. I remembered Twilight and set off to find it. I was surprised to find it in the Young Adult section. And further surprised to find it was about vampires. I don't do vampires; I don't watch vampires movies and never read a vampire book. So, my interest quickly faded.

While doing an search, I stumbled across Twilight and became fascinated with the rave reviews. My curiosity took over and decided to add my name to the wait list at my local library. Needless to say the wait list was long and I soon forgot about it. Last week I went to the grand opening of new library and found brand new copies of Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse. Without thinking, I quickly grabbed them off the shelves. I just finished reading Twilight, in less than 24 hours, and I have to say I'm glad my curiosity moved me out of my comfort zone. This book wasn't what I expected it to be at all.

Bella Swan moves to Forks, WA to live with her estranged father, Charlie. Her mother has remarried and plans to move to FL with her new husband. On Bella's first day at her new high school, she notices Edward sitting across the cafeteria with his siblings. Immediately, Bella is drawn to him and begins to ask questions about him. During her Biology class, the only seat available is next to Edward. He takes an immediate dislike toward Bella, which is so strong, it frightens her.

She struggles with the intensity of his reaction to her, while at the same time trying to understand her new emotions that she has when she thinks about Edward. As Bella finds out more interesting facts about Edward and his family, she learns about a myth. A myth that is so unbelievable, yet somehow explains the mystery of Edward.

Twilight is a love story. A love story about being with someone who is different than you, but yet you are willing to sacrifice yourself to be with your one true love. I'm definitely looking forward to reading the rest of the series. (4/5)


  1. Like you, I don't "do" vampires, but my curiosity has gotten the best of me. The book is on my shelf waiting for me to pick it up. I hope I like it as much as you did.