Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Thin Rich Pretty - Beth Harbison

Holly, Nicola and Lexi first meet at summer camp. Lexi was the mean girl who hung out with even meaner girls. Holly was overweight and very self-conscious. Nicola was painfully shy and never felt pretty thanks to her perception of her nose.

Holly and Nicola became fast friends. They often found themselves enduring the wrath of Lexi and her friends. Until one they, both decide to get their revenge.

Fast forward twenty years later. Holly is now dating Randy and they’ve just gotten engaged. Well, pre-engaged. Randy claims he wants to marry her, however she only needs to lose a few pounds first. Nicola is an actress living in LA. She’s had success with one major movie, and is still trying to make it big. Unfortunately she still doesn’t feel pretty enough, so she decides to have plastic surgery. After the bandages are off, she no longer recognizes herself. And Lexi… Well, Lexi just recently lost her father. He changed his will and left everything to her step-mother. Lexi has just a month to move out of her family home and find a job. This will be the first time she will be employed.

While each woman continues to struggle with issues of her past, Holly accidentally bumps into Lexi while shopping. Thoughts race back to their time at summer camp and Holly feels compels to make things right with Lexi. She solicits the help of Nicola and to two set out to make amends.

Thin, Rich, Pretty is a book that deals with common issues that haunt girls and can carryover into adulthood. It also speaks to people are more than what we see at first glance. Alternating between the time spent at summer camp and the present, the reader gets a feel for the relationship between the three women.

Thin, Rich, Pretty is recommended for chick lit fans looking for a quick read.


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