Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday Salon

Spring is in the air! I'm so looking forward to warmer weather! And next week we "spring" forward which means more daylight hours! Spring also brings about one of my favorite challenges: Spring Reading Thing 2010 hosted by Katrina of Callappider Days. I love how laid-back this challenge is. I've also joined the Cozy Mystery Challenge and the Four Month Challenge - Part 3.

I haven't read as planned this weekend. Yesterday my cats had their bi-annual comp exam. Tuxcedo is not happy when he has to go the vet and requires a sedative just so his doctor can examine him. Needless to say, after the sedative wears off it leaves him feeling miserable, irritable and very combative towards his sister, Dominoe. It's my job to play referee and make sure they stay in their respective corners (easier said than done). Meanwhile, during his loopy state, Tuxcedo loves to explore. Last year, I turned my back for a second and found him on top of my refrigerator!! Yesterday, he was determined to get on top of my TV. So as you can imagine, nothing gets done on vet appointment days. I finally got both to settle down and curl up with me. But by then, I was too tired to do much of anything.

Today, I'm happy to report they are back to being friends, chasing each other all over my house and sitting next to each other on my couch (or as I call it planning what they can get into next). Pets are wonderful, aren't they? So since they are in a much happier place, I can return to my reading plans. (Let's face it, they run things in my house and I've just come to accept it.)



I attempted to start Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver yesterday, but found myself easily distracted. Today I plan to begin again and read it for most of the afternoon. I've read great reviews about this book, so I want to allow myself to become fully immersed in the story. Up next will be The Bride Collector by Ted Dekker and Love in Mid Air by Kim Wright, both for upcoming blog tours.

For those of you who have an iPhone and Goodreads account, there's a newly released iPhone app! And. . . it's free! It comes at a good time. Usually when I'm at the library, I can never think of books I want to check out. So, I've decided to create a shelf on my Goodreads account to list those books. I'm still learning about the app, but so far I really like it.

Happy Sunday everyone.


  1. Shon.....your cats are gorgeous. Unusual markings!

    We have 4 fur babies and the 2 boys do not like each other. Yesterday, we had a major fur-flying event at our house....LOL

  2. PS...Thanks for the heads up on the Good Reads App for IPHONES --very cool.

  3. Thank you Diane! I think they are too!

    I think you will like the app. I like that you can add books from the app. Perfect for when you're book browsing. Just add the title on the go.

  4. Aww... the cats are adorable.

    I'd like to add my thanks for the heads up on the iPhone app. I've looked at Good Reads before, but I've never joined (I have a Shelfari account and didn't want the duplicate effort). Having an app to list my wish list books might just push me over the edge into setting up a Good Reads account. Thanks!

  5. Kristi-

    Thank you! I think they are adorable too!

    I think you can import/export your books from Shelfari to Goodreads. I have accounts for both and just learned of this feature. Granted my Goodreads account was just something I was thinking about, but really came to like it late last year. And I now I'm happy that I kept my account. I don't think, however, I will go back and add all my books.