Saturday, October 24, 2009

Read-A-Thon Update #3

My reading has slowed somewhat. I spent most of my time blogging from 2-3; reading for only 15 minutes. Around 3:15pm, I decided to take a break which consisted of napping with my cats. Around 4pm, they pounced on me demanding an afternoon treat so I got up, fed them, stretched and went back to reading.

I'm currently reading Testimony by Anita Shreve. Although I'm enjoying the book, it's not really fitting in my "flow" for reading today. I plan to read it for another hour or so. After dinner, I will either start reading book two of "Allie Finkle's Rules for Girls" or book five of "How I Survived Middle School".

Here's where I stand right now:

Hours: 2pm-5pm
Time spent reading: 90 minutes
Pages read: 51
Books completed: 0
Time spent blogging: 45 minutes
Mini-Challenges completed: 1
Currently reading: Testimony by Anita Shreve

Total time spent reading: 7 hours, 11 minutes
Total pages read: 412
Total books read: 3
  1. I Heard a Rumor by Nancy Krulik (How I Survived Middle School #3)
  2. The New Girl by Nancy Krulik (How I Survived Middle School #4)
  3. Moving Day (Allie Finkle Rules for Girls #1) by Meg Cabot
Total Mini-Challenges completed: 2
Total time spent blogging: 1 hour, 15 minutes


  1. I like books
    I like blogs
    I hope you’re not reading
    In a fog

  2. Woo hoo! You're doing great! Hope you're having fun so far! READ! READ! READ!

  3. You're doing great - fun is the key :D

  4. Its the 11th hour of the Read-a-Thon. How are you holding up? I'm cheering for you. You can do it!!!

  5. It looks like you are doing great!!!! cONGRATS AND HAPPY READING!

  6. You're doing great! Happy reading!

  7. Looks like you're doing great so far! Good luck in the rest of the read-a-thon!