Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Salon

Have you ever said, "it's not the book, it's me"? Well, this statement is what I found myself repeatedly saying as I attempted to read Ms. Taken Identity by Dan Begley. I first discovered Ms. Taken Identity while browsing at Barnes and Noble. I liked the book description and immediately added it to my TBR List. While reviewing my library account online, I decided to check its catalog for Ms. Taken Identity. To my surprise, the library owned a copy and I added my name to the wait list.

Fast forward to a month later. . . I started reading it and realized my mind was distracted with other things. So, I put it down and didn't pick it up again for two days. Again, when I picked it up, I could not focus on what I was reading: my thoughts were filled with other things I really needed to do. After reading 90 pages or so, I just decided to put it down. This is a book that I really want to read and have read great reviews about. Reading it while my mind is cluttered just didn't seem right.

I really have not read much this week. Which is very unusual for me. Work is very stressful (we're downsizing due to the economy) so when I come home I'm really too tired to do much of anything. When I do sit down to relax, I think of all my unfinished tasks and guilt slowly creeps in.

Yesterday I had a hair appointment and could not imagine being without a book. I grabbed the first book I saw and walked out the door. The book I grabbed was The Neighbor by Lisa Gardner. I'm pleased to say I was able to read without my mind wandering and quickly found myself captivated by the story.

I do plan to return to Ms. Taken Identity at some point. For now, I'll continue to read the remaining library books I have checked out and begin reading my own books for the Fall into Reading and Clear Off Your Shelves Challenges.


  1. I won Ms. Taken Identity in a giveaway but haven't read it yet - saving it for vacation or after the holidays. I find I can't read when real life is very stressful (in a bad way). When the stress isn't negative but just busy, somehow I manage to read. If you do pick this book back up, I hope it's worth your time. I also hope the job stress eases for you.

  2. I also recently put aside a book, The Angel's Game, and I think it was the book and not me. And in your case too it might be at least a little about the book. Hope your stress level declines soon! Happy reading!

  3. I definitely read according to my mood, and I try not to push it! If I'm not getting into a book right away, I'll set it aside and try it again later. :)

  4. I do have had such phases. I simply can't concentrate. I left The 19th Wife after finishing1/3 of it. Despite being a good book, it didn't hold interest. I know I will get back to it but not now.

    Sometimes, fast light reads do work. I read poetery to get out of such phases.

    TSS: The past week in retrospect and on to the next one...

    TSS: The Locked Room by Paul Auster

  5. Wishing you a less stressful week Shon. BTW: I loved The Neighbor; Gardner--hope u do too.