Monday, May 25, 2009

Madame President by Nancy Krulik

Title: Madame President
Author: Nancy Krulik
Series: How I Survived Middle School #2
ISBN-10: 0439025567
Pages: 104
Year Published: 2006
Genre: Children's Fiction (Series)
Date Finished: May 24

My review: It's time to sign up for the after-school clubs. Jenny's friends all know which club they want to join, but Jenny is still undecided. When her friends learn Addie, Jenny's former BFF, is running unopposed for sixth grade class president, they convince Jenny to run against her.

When Addie and the other Pops, AKA Popular, make promises to only the students who vote for her, Jenny's friends decide to come up with a few schemes of their own. When Jenny prevents them from moving forward with their plans, her campaign manager is barely speaking to her. And one of Jenny's friends may be a spy for Addie! Jenny must decide to be true to herself if she wants to win this election.


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