Sunday, February 15, 2009

Shoots to Kill by Kate Collins

Title: Shoots to Kill
Author: Kate Collins
Series: A Flower Shop Mystery #7
ISBN-13: 9780451224743
Pages: 315
Year Published: 2008
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Date Finished: February 15

From the back cover: Last I heard, being a five-foot-two, green-eyed redhead wasn't a crime. But that's precisely why I, Abby Knight, was yanked out of my Corvette by a state trooper, handcuffed, and thrown in jail.

This isn't your average case of mistaken identity.

Eight years ago Abby babysat Elizabeth Blume, a teen who seemed intent on making Abby's life miserable. Elizabeth imitated Abby's dress, pored over her diary, and sabotaged her love life. Now Elizabeth is back in New Chapel, and she soon adopts a new look: Abby's. Elizabeth, now going by Libby, copies Abby's entire life-she even drives a bright yellow car and opens a nearly identical shop. But when Libby comes between Abby and her boyfriend, Marco, imitation becomes the sincerest form of trouble, and that's before Abby is accused of murder. Is Abby's devious double the real killer? Or is there a more sinister suspect in town who's using them both to cover his evil crime?

First sentence: As far as I knew, being a five-foot-two-inch green-eyed redhead wasn't a crime.

My review: Abby Knight is back for the seventh book of A Flower Shop Mystery Series. This time Abby finds herself involved with a former charge who gradually steals Abby's life. Right away Abby feels Libby is up to no good, however everyone else thinks Abby is overreacting. Things soon turn from bad to worse when Abby is mistakenly arrested for murder. Abby thinks Libby set her up, however Abby doesn't have any proof.

Libby comes between Abby's relationship with Marco which leaves Abby no choice but to end the relationship. As Abby starts her own investigation, she finds herself, unwillingly, working with Marco. Together they try to solve the murder, while trying to avoid their feelings for each other.

Random thoughts about the series: Shoots to Kill is a good addition to the series. Abby Knight is an amateur sleuth with common sense. She constantly finds herself in the middle of murder investigations (sometimes she's a suspect) due to her meddling, but she means well. I would recommend this series to anyone looking for a new cozy mystery with a hint of romance.


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