Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Pre-Nup by Beth Kendrick

Title: The Pre-Nup
Author: Beth Kendrick
ISBN-10: 0553591509
Genre: Chick Lit
Pages: 290
Date Finished: January 10

First sentence: "Another exciting, exhilarating extravaganza."

Go on, tell me more. Ellie is married to Michael and they appear to be "Ken and Barbie" of Mayfair Estates. Michael works for his parents' real estate company and Ellie is a SAHM for their daughter Hannah. Ellie also volunteers on numerous committees with her mother-in-law Patrice. Ellie thinks she has a solid marriage until she accidentally reads a text message to her husband from his mistress. She's outraged by his betrayal and impulsively declares their marriage is over. Michael begs her to forgive him and informs her the affair is over. They agree to give their marriage a second chance and start marriage counseling. The only problem is, Michael has another agenda in mind.

Jen is married to Eric, her best friend. Which to some may sound "happily ever after", however Jen isn't in love with him. Together they have build a business which Jen uses as an excuse to not spend time with her husband. Eric, meanwhile has a job that demands he travels and spends several weeks at a time away from home. Eric truly loves Jen and believes he loves her enough for the both of them, but is it really enough to make their marriage work?

Mara is engaged to Josh and is currently planning her wedding. She thinks it is wise they sign a pre-nup before saying "I do" and Josh reluctantly agrees. Mara should have been careful for what she wished for because Josh added his own clause in their pre-nup regarding fidelity. Mara had a one-night stand early in their relationship and thought they had moved beyond it. Seems like, Josh hasn't. Exhausted from arguing with Josh about this new clause, she comes up with an idea that will make them even. Again, before careful what you wish for.

The Pre-Nup is a story about what really defines a marriage. Is it really about love? Sacrifice? Comprise? Or is there an element of comfort that no one wants to admit to. What these three friends realize is that marriage is more than signing the pre-nup. It's about what happens after the ink dries and the honeymoon ends.

Have you read any other books by this author? I've read all but one of her books. The last book I have to read is My Favorite Mistake.

Amusing scene from the book: This occurs after Ellie catches her husband cheating.
"The red convertible's alarm had stopped blaring but Ellie triggered it again when she pulled up behind the car and lobbed the vomit-soaked wipes into the driver's seat." (p. 36)

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