Sunday, December 14, 2008

If You Ever Tell - Carlene Thompson

Title: If You Ever Tell
Author: Carlene Thompson
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Year Published: 2008
ISBN: 031237285X
Finished: December 14
Rating: 4.5/5

First sentence: "Theresa Farr never knew exactly what awakened her that warm late April night."

Theresa "Teri" wakes up one night and discovers the bodies of her father and step-mother in their bed. She immediately runs out of the room to check on her step-sister, Celeste, and runs into the killer. The killer stabs her in the arm, sparing her life, and flees into the night. A short time later, a serial killer confesses to the murders, despite the town believing Teri killed her father and step-mother.

The story takes place eight years later around July 4th weekend. The week of his execution, Roscoe Lee Byrnes recants his confession. Once again, suspicion falls on Teri. Meanwhile, Celeste is left mute after the murders and finally starts talking again. Memories flood her and soon she starts to piece together that tragic night. While she desperately attempts to recall the killer's face, the killer is watching and plotting his/her next move.

"To Teri, the news was a miracle, a reason not only for amazement but also for joy. Unfortunately, she knew that for some people, the most fascinating thing now about Celeste Warner would be what she had to say." (p. 59)


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