Saturday, December 27, 2008

Acts of Violets - Kate Collins

Title: Acts of Violets
Author: Kate Collins
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Series: A Flower Shop Mystery #5
Year Published: 2007
Date Finished: December 27
Pages: 309
Rating: 4/5

From the back cover:

"Ok, I'll admit it: I, Abby Knight, actually love my hometown's corny annual Pickle Fest - and I've also been hoping the event will drum up business for my flower shop, Bloomers. But when the hired clown is found dead, the festivities screech to a halt..."

Abby has been dating Marco - ex-cop, bartender, and all-around hunk - for several months when the Pickle Fest starts. But he's still a mystery to her. And after he disappears for a day, she's stunned to read in the paper: EX-COP QUESTIONED IN MAN'S DEATH. It seems the authorities have found Snuggles the Clown pushing up water-spurting daisies - and Marco was the last person seen leaving Snuggle's house. Abby knows in her bones that he's innocent. But why, when his life is on the line, is Marco being so secretive with her? And who is the attractive woman he escorted to the Pickle Fest? To do the legwork, she'll have to delve into the eerie clown underworld, where the smiles are fake and everyone has a trick up his sleeve...

Abby is attending the annual Pickle Fest with her best friend Nikki, when she has an encounter with one of the clowns. She innocently mentions this to Marco and then learns the clown has been murdered. With Marco as the only suspect, Abby really has to put her amateur sleuthing to work. To complicate matters, Marco is seen with a gorgeous woman at the Pickle Fest and his mother is in town. Abby knows Marco is innocent despite the evidence against him. Can Abby find the real killer and clear Marco's name?

Acts of Violets is the fifth book in A Flower Shop Mystery Series. What I liked best about this book is the reader learns more about Marco's history. Until now, the author focuses on Abby and her family, so it's a welcome change that Marco's mother and sister are introduced. I hope we'll see more of them in future books. If you're looking for a good cozy series, I recommend Abby Knight and her friends.


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