Monday, August 11, 2008

Just Too Good to Be True

Brady Bledsoe is the star athlete on Central Georgia University's football team. He's a senior, gorgeous, up for the Heisman trophy and is saving himself for marriage. Barrett Elizabeth Manning is the new gorgeous cheerleader that has caught Brady's eye. She plays hard to get, but eventually starts dating Brady. Is she really into him or up to something?

Carmyn is Brady's mother. She has raised him to be "the perfect gentleman" and expects him to stay focused, work hard and remain a virgin until marriage. Little does Brady know, his mother has secrets of her own.

This novel addresses how secrets and lies can torment our lives and forces us to take an honest look at who we are, what motivates us to make the choices we do and to realize it's never too late to become who we really want to be. Highly recommended. (4.5/5)


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