Tuesday, July 1, 2008

YA Romance Challenge

I signed up for another challenge. I couldn't help it. After reading Bloom, I wanted to read more YA Fiction. Becky is hosting the YA Romance Challenge. Here are the rules:
  • Read six YA romance novels between July 1, 2008 and February 28, 2009.
  • Romance should be a strong element within the story. But it doesn't have to be the only element. Realistic fiction (contemporary). Historical. Fantasy. Science Fiction. Retold Fairy Tales. All genres are allowed.
  • They can be part of a series, or stand-alones.
  • They can be long or short.
  • Happy books are NOT a requirement
  • Audio books are allowed.
  • Up to three movies can be substituted for books. So you could watch 3 movies, read 3 books if you prefer.
  1. Twilight by Stephenie Meyer


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