Saturday, June 14, 2008

Names My Sisters Call Me

"And something happened in me when I said it. It was powerful to own, your life, to choose it, to banish doubt and know you meant it with every fiber of your being." (p. 316)

Meet Courtney, Norah and Raine, the three Cassel sisters. Courtney recently got engaged to Lucas and wanted to celebrate her engagement with her family, including her estranged sister Raine. It's been six years since Courtney has last seen Raine. Norah, on the other hand, isn't as excited to see Raine. Raine caused a scene at her wedding and Norah has yet to forgive her.

Courtney and Lucas travel to San Francisco for Lucas's business trip and for Courtney to reunite with Raine. To her surprise her first love (the one she never really got over) is living with Raine.

So begins her journey of trying to let go of her past and move forward with her life. Through this process she learns the role she plays with her family, discovers the answers to the infamous "what if" question and realizes the love she has always wanted has been in front of her face the entire time. 4.5/5


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